I’ve created this blog to try¬†and explain the fallout from the vote to exit the EU in plain English as far as I can and answer any questions you have about what comes next and why.

I don’t know it all, and I don’t pretend to, my background is that I run a small business based in the UK that works with a range of companies around the world, from tech start ups in Silicon Valley through to major multi-nationals and I deal with currencies, payments, retail, tech and international business for a living, so I have a background and good basic understanding of what will happen.

I firmly believe that had the electorate had all the actual facts about the implications of the ‘Brexit’ they would not have voted to leave, which I wish I’d done more to try and solve.

However, there’s no going back from here that I can see, and this has huge global economic implications which are going to, at the very least, make the next two years seriously challenging for all but the very richest among us in the UK.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, rather than complain about our lot in life and a decision that has happened, all I can do is try to explain to support my friends and family, and try to help explain to anyone that would like me to why the fallout we’re experiencing is actually happening and what comes next so we can try to work through the tough times ahead together and attempt to rebuild.

Over time I’d like to get more people involved in contributing to this discussion so we have various views on the future and we can each use our own expertise to help each other.

House Rules:
Facts and sources are king here, this is not the place to sling insults, this is intended to be an fact based page, if you want spin listen to whichever political group you want to hear.